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Missin' my Elijah experience. Twa's like drinking in a fountain that will make you want to return to drink again and again.


One of the most beautiful gifts one could give oneself is understanding one’s self. For it is only by coming to terms with one’s inner self as seen through the Lord’s healing power will one can truly love others and be equipped to minister to them 

- Lanie Teves

I have been blessed & healed-in-progress by all EH courses! Me and my Family one person at a time.

- Ptr. Stanley Vergara

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Prayer Ministry

Particularly listening prayer not therapy, psychology and techniques as the basis of ministry to the broken. We equip the ordinary believer to be able to apply the transformational principles we believe in Elijah House through focused, Spirit-led prayer.

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"The beginning of healing hearts is to recognize the wound."