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Elijah House Advanced Prayer Ministry Training is a course offered occasionally by Elijah House for the purpose of giving alumni more information about topics they may encounter in prayer ministry. The course also offers an excellent opportunity for students who have been away from prayer ministry for a while, enabling them to brush up on the Elijah House prayer ministry model. The Advanced course is a convenient extension of training for students who are not able to engage in the Elijah House Internship. Prerequisite for attendance is a minimum of having graduated Training Course 201 (or Basic 1). This one-week intensive course includes the classic Elijah House small group experience where students apply Elijah House prayer ministry tools in practice. While elements of the curriculum are subject to change without notice, the following represents the planned curriculum: 

Ministry Model Updates, Roots that Keep You from Hearing God, Anxieties and Phobias, Types and Functions of Demons, Spiritual Development, Student observations in practice, Honoring Authority, Mistakes Husbands and Wives Make, Spiritual Abuse, Learned Helplessness, Pornography, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Bipolar, and Ministry Demonstrations. Additional lessons and enrichments include: Small Groups as a Lifestyle, Steps to Set Up a Prayer Ministry Practice, Ethics and Protocols for Prayer Ministry, Confidentiality and Consultation in Ministry, Dyslexia, Autism Spectrum, and Bonding and Attachment Disorders. 

Prayer Ministry

Particularly listening prayer not therapy, psychology and techniques as the basis of ministry to the broken. We equip the ordinary believer to be able to apply the transformational principles we believe in Elijah House through focused, Spirit-led prayer.


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